I want to be a jockey!

The next person I am going to talk about is Tony Walker.

He lived in the East End of London & growing up he was a cheeky boy with a lot of confidence. At age 14 I thought he was a complete different person, I found him very morose compared to how he was at age 7. I wonder why he was feeling like that at that time, was it a teenage thing? Tony left school at age 14 and was an apprentice jockey at the horse stables in the East End of London.

Age 21, go asked a question saying “What are you going to do if becoming a jockey fails?” he replied with the a straight answer saying “A taxi driver”. At this stage i see him getting more confident & talkative, way past his 14 year old ‘I’m so awesome stage’.

28 years of age, given up on horse racing, did what he wanted and became a taxi driver in London. Also owned his own cab. You could really see his personality shine through him at this stage, always happy & being out going. In the midst of driving cabs he also took occasional acting classes & appeared on the London television show ‘The Bill’. Around this time he got married to his wife Debbie and had 2 children originally 3 but unfortunately the baby died. Tony’s wife seems very loyal and always thinking of others rather than her self. A little bit before that, at age 25 both his parents passed away, he said he gets a little emotional just thinking about them & wishes they were still here.

The year 1983 they moved to Woodford, Essex.

Age 42 was when his appearance rapidly changed. I’ve noticed from age 7 on wards he received so much more confidence! Also he seems like a very ambitious person & he’s really happy with it, having his wife and 2 kids. Tony has set a lot of goals for him self & is always determined to achieve them and if he didn’t achieve them it looks like he always has another back up plan.

I can say from watching this video, that he is very keen to do everything at the best of his ability.