Symon, from age 7 to 42

Symon at age 7 was a shy little boy growing up, had the feeling of being left out being the poor kid & living in a charity home.The interviewer asked him, “what do you think about rich people?”, he didn’t think much of them at age 7.

Simon got asked the same question again, but now at age 14. Still shy but a little more talkative, he said regarding to the question “All i want is a bike or a fishing rod, nothing fancy”.As he gets older i see him gaining more confidence in himself, easy going, but still carrying the hurt when his father left his mother & himself.

Simon, at age 21 working in a sausage freezer room, obviously still not sure what he wants to do with his life & who he is. And still living with his mother & wanting to learn a trade. AT age 28, married to Yvonne & now has 5 children.

Finally at age 42, happily married to Vienetta. Now has a 4 year old son, named after his father. Has a qualification GGSC maths, with the help of motivation from his wife. He has really become energetic & easy going towards things. The interviewer asked him about his father, again. And responds “I never wanted to see him again, but now i do just out of curiosity, my anger towards him has now turned into boredom”.

Now all he wants to do is be the best father & husband he can be and to never turn out like his father.


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